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1994 total conversion mod for Doom
1996 Quake mod that focused on team-based combat
1998 mod for Quake II which added tons of new weapons and powerups
1999 Half-Life mod that is widely considered the most successful mod of all time
2002 Half-Life mod which combines FPS with RTS featuring marines vs aliens multiplayer
Tactical FPS total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004
2003 Warcraft III mod which spawned its own genre
2004 Battlefield 1942 mod set in Iraq during the first Gulf War
2005 mod for GTA San Andreas which unlocked a hidden minigame which the developers removed from later versions of the game
2004 sandbox mod of the Source Engine
2006 fantasy mod for Civ IV adding new civilizations
2006 mod for Battlefield 2 which sought to bring realism to the battlefield
Mod for CoD 4 to attempt make it more skill based and better suit the competitive environment
2008 total conversion mod for Deus Ex which adds the amount of content you would expect to see in a Rockstar DLC
2009 mod for Fallout 3 which makes the game a puzzle game
2010 total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion which adds a whole new world
2011 Half-Life mod which transforms the game into a horror game
2012 conversion of the Half-Life 1 story into Half-Life 2
2012 ARMA 2 mod which provides a multiplayer simulation of the world after a zombie apocalypse

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