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AChoral or vocal music performed without instrumental accompaniment
BA bass voice with a higher and lighter register who sings with more flexibility
CGradually get louder
DMarked by a distinct sign, this informs the performer to repeat a certain section of the composition
ETwo seperate notations stand for the same sound
FThe technique in which a male singer can reach notes out of his range, usually of the alto or soprano ranges
GA rapid ascending or descending of a scale in which every semi-tone is played
HCountermelodic notes that accompany a tune, or, the combination of notes to produce chords
IGenerally, the term used to describe a chord that is not in root position
JStyle of music originating in 20th century New Orleans, which is very expressive and improvisational
KA specific scale or series of notes defining a particular tonality. May be major or minor, and are named after their tonic
LA directive to perform a certain part of the song in a smooth, graceful manner, as opposed to staccato
MMusic that is written for only one voice or part, without any background melody
NA composition for nine solo instruments
OAn interval spanning seven diatonic degrees
PThe ability of some people to correctly identify a pitch without reference to any other
QA pause having the time duration one fourth the time of a whole rest
RCompositions written to honor the deceased, most common in the 18th century
SThe tone that is one step above the tonic of the key
TA fantasia-like composition written for a keyboard instrument, often as an introduction to a fugue
UIn piano music, this term states when the soft pedal is to be depressed
VThe pulsating fluctuation of the pitch of a note
WExtremely popular ballroom dance of the 19th century in triple meter
XA xylophone with an extended range, including pitches in the range of a marimba
YType of singing most associated with the high warbling of Swiss mountineers
ZA directive to perform a composition with zeal

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