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Answer must be in the form of a Question
The $1,000 and $32,000 level are Milestones
You can only give one word unhyphonated clues
Can not draw letters or numbers unless they are part of the phrase that has been guessed
A natural triple or $1,000 wins the round and the bonus prize
Only give a list, no describing, no using your hands and no prepositions
the one closest to the actual price without going over will win the prize
A game can not be won by default you must agree or disagree correctly
A correct answer gets you 3 spins a multiple choice answer gets you one spin
Catergories in Red are special catergories and will be explained upon selecting them
3 strikes and your opponents get to steal
An incorrect guess sends you back to your base
Once you buy a prize its yours to keep
Pink Squares are worth $1000 Blue $500
Letters in Red are in the correct place letters in yellow are in the word but out of place

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