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Can you name the quintessential exploitation movies (by genre)?

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Year / DirectorTitleGenre
1971, Melvin Van PeeblesBlaxploitation
1980, Ruggero DeodatoCannibals
1971, Richard C. SarafianCarsploitation
1973, Toshiya FujitaChambara
1964, Mario BavaGiallo
1967, Roger CormanHippie Exploitation
1973, Robert ClouseMartial Arts
1978, Lucio FulciMockbuster
1962, Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco ProsperiMondo
1954, Gordon DouglasMonsters
1975, Don EdmondsNazisploitation
1959, Russ MeyerNudists
Year / DirectorTitleGenre
1978, Giulio BerrutiNunsploitation
1966, Roger CormanOutlaw Bikers
1936, Louis GasnierPropaganda
1978, Meir ZarchiRape and Revenge
1965, Russ MeyerSexploitation
1980, Sean S. CunninghamSlasher
1966, Sergio LeoneSpaghetti Westerns
1963, Herschell Gordon LewisSplatter
1974, Michael WinnerVigilantes
1971, Gerardo de LeónWomen in Prison
1959, Ed WoodZ Movies

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