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QUIZ: Can you name the real movies from their made-up prequels?

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Alice Lives Here1974
Apocalypse Soon1979
That Baby Jane's Got A Future1962
Gone with the Lentil and Butterbean Stew1939
Sapling Gump1994
The Land That Time Put In A Safe Place1975
The Italian Jobseeker1969
Cheese Eaten Too Close To Bedtime On Elm Street1984
The Empire Gets Struck1980
The Long Way Round, Avoiding The River Kwai1957
One Of Our Aircraft Is... Here1942
Good Luck With Your OFSTED Mr. Chips1939
Bring Me Someone Who Knows Alfred Garcia1974
Gulliver's Packing1977
Four Engagement Parties and a Bloke Who Doesn't Feel Very Well1994
Let's Hope Nobody Comes and Snatches These Bodies1956
Will Somebody Shut Those Bloody Lambs Up?1991
Begin Camping1969
Will There Be Blood?2007
We're Running a Bit Low on Mohicans1992
Bit Of An Atmosphere On The Bounty1962
Schindler Goes to Ryman's, Buys a Biro and a Notebook1993

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