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First Animated Disney Movie
Involves a lying puppet
Involves a flying elephant
Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk
A girl loses her slipper then finds her prince
Adapted from a book by Lewis Carroll
Adapts the classic story of an archer
Michael Jackson got the name of his house from this movie
Involves two dogs and spaghetti dinner
Aurora is the heroine of this film
Cruella DeVille tries to make a fur coat
Baloo and Bagheera are characters in this film
A mother cat and her kittens are catnapped
A.A. Milne's classic characters are adapted into this movie
Two unlikely friends meet as kit and puppy and then their lifestyles collide
An abandoned kitten is picked up by a street gang of dogs.
A girl wishes for legs so that she can meet her prince
A prince is cursed because of his mistreatment of people and a girl falls in love with him
A street bandit crosses paths with a princess and a magic lamp
The story of a young prince who loses his father
Tim Allen stars in this movie about a classic character
This is the tale of love between a Native American and an Englishman
The first feature film Disney did with Pixar
An adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale involving Jim Henson's creations
This outcast is friends with a group of gargoyles
A dog is rescued by a young boy and the dog learns to play a sport
Robin Williams invents this title object
A girl enters into the army in place of her ailing father
Another Pixar film that involves a larger than life cast that includes such characters as Flik and Hopper
The story of a gorilla who loses his mother to a poacher
The remake of a classic Disney movie starring Lindsey Lohan as twins
Christopher Lloyd stars in this film as an extraterrestrial
The animated story of a man raised by gorillas
Jessie and Stinky Pete are introduced in this sequel
Aladar is the main character and is adopted by lemurs
Bruce Willis sees planes in this movie
A llama voiced by David Spade is the main character in this film
This is a Disney-fied version of a book by Meg Cabot
Boo is the name of a child in this film
Cuba Gooding Jr. finds out he is adopted in this film
This film stars an extraterrestrial and is set in Hawaii
This film is an adaptation of a novel by Louis Sachar
This was one of Pixar's biggest movies and it is set mostly underwater
One of Disney's rare PG-13 movies because of violence and disturbing images of the undead
Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this remake
The adaptation of a Disney Channel show starring Hilary Duff
Eddie Murphy stars in this film based off of a Disney World ride
The story of the 1980 Winter Olympics hockey team
A family of superheroes is portrayed in this Pixar film
Nicolas Cage stars in this movie about American history
Vin Diesel protects the family of a government agent in this film
An adaptation of a classic CS Lewis novel
The story of a team of sled dogs who are forced to survive on their own
Mark Wahlberg stars in this film about the Philadelphia Eagles
A young genius meets his older self in this film
A trash robot falls in love in this movie
This film marked the comeback of major Disney animation movies
This film won an Oscar for Best Animated Picture

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