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What is the name of Bizarro Jerry?
What food brings Jerry's 14-year vomitless streak to an end?
After realizing he cannot be with Elaine, NBC president Russell Dalrymple joins what organization?
What is the three-letter nickname of Kramer's nemesis, whom he tries to out-wish in 'The Betrayal'?
In 'The Race', Jerry (lover of all things Superman) is thrilled to finally have a girlfriend with what name?
Elaine believes that she was tricked into buying a dress because Barney's has what in their fitting rooms?
What name does Jerry give to his favorite yellow t-shirt?
Frank Costanza collects what weekly publication?
What is the topic of the coffee table book that Kramer writes?
Newman claims that 'when you control the mail, you control _________.'
Jerry befriends a nudist on his subway ride to where?
In a loopy, muscle-relaxant-induced state, Elaine channels Marlon Brando by yelling out what name?
George's fictional Vandelay Industries manufactures what type of products?
The real first name of the 'bubble boy' is what?
Babu Bhatt is from what country?
What is the name of the beltless trench coat that Morty Seinfeld creates?
Kramer is hired to say one line in a film directed by whom?
What is the line?
Elaine's co-worker Peggy, believes that Elaine is actually another woman (who does not exist) named what?
Frank Costanza speaks what language fluently?
George claims to be a victim of what bodily phenomena?
George and Kramer are shocked to find that what dictator is responsible for double-parking and blocking their car?
In 'The Little Jerry', it is reveal that there is a picture of what on Jerry's checks?
What fictional company consists of 'a solitary man with a messy apartment which may or may not contain a chicken'?
Who does Jerry see shoplifting at Brentano's bookstore?
'A ______ divided against itself cannot stand!'
In 'The Chinese Restaurant', the maitre d calls what name instead of Costanza?
Mr. Peterman sends Elaine to an auction to bid on a set of golf clubs once owned by who?
Kramer plots revenge against what store chain after receiving an overabundance of their catalogs?
George helps out a security guard at the store owned by Susan's uncle by buying him what?
In 'The Secretary', Kramer gets the phone number of what famous woman while the gang is at the movies?
Elaine sings while feeding her 66-year-old boyfriend what food after he had a stroke?
What is the nickname of Mel Torme, who sings to Kramer, whom he believes to be mentally challenged?
Up until the finale, who was belived to have won 'the contest'?
Puddy rightfully accuses Elaine of stealing what from his car?
After getting caught pretending to be deaf in order to avoid conversation, Elaine apologizes to a limo driver by giving him tickets to what band's concert?
Who threatens to put the 'kibosh' on Jerry?
Kenny Bania's insufferable act includes a large portion of jokes about what product?
Name one Yankee player/manager to appear on the show.
Name one other Yankee player/manager to appear on the show.

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