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Latest development of the kouros type, Greek Classical.
480-330 BCE
Diskobolos' Sculptor, Greek Classical
Warrior found in the ocean, Greek Classical, severe style
Scopas' creation, Greek Classical, baroque
Athena Sanctuary at Pergamon, Epigonos, Greek Hellenistic
Pergamon ionic altar, Greek Hellenistic
Doric and Ionic Columns, Athenian Acropolis, Iktinos and Kalikrates, Greek Classical
Gnosis-artist, mosaic composed of pebbles, Pella, baroque, Greek Hellenistic
Late Republican Roman bust
Etruscan Classical tomb, misnamed
Tesserae, House of Satyr, Battle of Issus, Pompeii, Greek Hellenistic
Triple barrel triumphal arch, Roman Imperial
30 BCE - 330 CE
Polyeuktos creation, Athenian agora, attic simple style, Greek Hellenistic
Argonauts, Heracles, Niobid Painter, Greek Classical
Ideal Male, Polyklietos, Greek Classical
Kresilas' bust, Athenian Acropolis, Greek Classical
Praxiteles, Temple of Hera at Olympia, Greek Classical
100-30 BCE
330-30 BCE
Melos, Gymnasium, Golden Apple, Greek Hellenistic
Vespasian founded this atop Nero's palace, Roman Imperial
Influenced by Greek Hellenistic baroque, portraits typically meaner than actual personality, Roman Imperial
Location of Painting of Garden with Fruits of All Seasons, Roman Imperial
Commissioned by Domitian, triumphal arch, Roman Imperial
Ara Pacis Augustae translates to, Roman Imperial
Parian Marble, famous breastplate depicting return of Roman standard to Tiberius, Roman Imperial
Colossal monument of this Christian Emperor, Roman Imperial
Found at Delphi in pieces, Greek Classical
This sculptor created a monument of a Youth Scraping Himself, Greek Hellenistic
Commissioned building of the new Pantheon as well as Trajan's Forum, Roman Imperial
________ Battle Sarcophagus, Roman Imperial
Giant Column, Constructed by Hadrian, ______'s Forum, Roman Imperial
Located in a villa in Rome, based on certain book of Homer, wall panting series, Greek Hellenistic
Location of Painting of a Harbor, chiaroscuro, Roman Imperial
Constantine moving the capital from Rome to here signified the end of the Roman Imperial Age
Sculptor of Parthenon pediment sculpture
term for a main sitting room in a Roman villa, Alexander mosaic is located in one of these
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