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Can you name the answers to this Big Brother USA themed word ladder?

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~ Pig food; Animal feed ~
A sound made by horses hooves
The opposite of a blockbuster in box office terms
Floating ice
To run away
Ran away
Armisen, Flintstone, or Astaire
______ Scott v. Sandford was a US Supreme court case that held that slaves were not protected by the US Constitution.
Proof of home ownership
Ruby, Sandra, and Snider
Liberals in America
Dental ____.
Knighthood title
Tents and firewood locale
~Many Kodak instruments~
'Meat' in Catalan
Surname of American actors James (father) and Scott (son)
Actor Jackie (hint: Asian last name)
~Julie of “The Talk” (hint: Asian last name)~
Filmmaking brothers
~With (Rung 52). A takeover.... (Rung 23) d’(52)~
Said once nothing, said twice a North African staple food
Pigeon sounds
Military beds
'Coast' in French (hint: nation beginner)
~A ballot~
‘Get out’ in Spanish
~What a Governor or President might do to legislation~
Many former armed forces members
Many domesticated animals
Mickey Mouse antagonist, Nickname for Mr. Pettigrew perhaps
Soccer (football) great
US Senator whose name appears on many federal grants to college students.
Dude you’re getting a _______.
Porcelain or Barbie
Packaged fruit company
Architectural feature, perhaps in a church.
Debated American marriage legislation
Capital of Qatar
Homer Simpson exclamations
~Deed-holders, or special tax filing category (acronym [plural]) ~
Gardening tool plural
There were many in Edgar Allen’s family reunion
What Edgar Allen was
Actress Amanda -- Homophone of rung 33 and rung 48
Soil alternative. Homophone of rung 33 and rung 47
Vegetable found frequently in cans and pods.
Many elementary school clubs for adults
Time estimates
~With (Rung 23). A takeover.... (Rung 23) d’(Rung 52) ~

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