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Can you name 4-letter words in this Star Trek themed word ladder?

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Clue4-letter answer
** Helmsman: The Original Series **
To remain silent in an offended mood
Goods in large quantity
A male bovine
A written summation of charges
** (With Clue #48) Another phaser setting **
A short, pleated skirt native to Scotland
A rhythmic cadence
To raise upwards
The opposite of death
A green citrus fruit
The capital of Peru
Italy's currency before the Euro
** First Officer: Deep Space Nine **
** Captain: The Original Series **
A dagger native to the Scottish highlands
Not light
To face courageously
A native of Denmark
To sup
** (With Clue #41) Star Trek: ____ Space ____ **
** First name of Star Trek's creator **
A man of good manners
Confined; shut in
Dogs do this to cool off
To talk in a vehement fashion
Position or social station
Unpleasantly moist or humid
Clue4-letter answer
Comedian Carvey or Actress Delaney
** Operations Officer: Next Generation **
An arranged social engagement
The top of one's head
To gradually reduce
An tract of land set aside for public enjoyment
To become lively
To sneak a look
Popular North American marshmallow candies
** (With Clue #21) Star Trek: ____ Space ____ **
A doe
A wise man
To burn or to char
Millions of them shine in the night sky
To pierce with a pointed weapon
To accidentally strike against a protruding object
** (With Clue #6) Another phaser setting **
To keep away from
The lower leg between knee and ankle
Sails upon the seven seas
A place one goes to purchase stuff
A theatrical production
A black bird
Farmers grow these
Where chickens can often be found
A small North American mammal
A comic
An early 1980s Science Fiction film
** Ship's Councillor: Next Generation **

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