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QUIZ: Can you name the comic book movie actors

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Green Lantern, Hannibal King
Captain America, Human Torch
Storm, Catwoman
Marv, Ivan Vanko
Big Daddy, Ghost Rider
Conan the Barbarian, Mr. Freeze
Nancy, Invisible woman
Jackie boy, The Collector
Kingpin, Manute
Quicksilver, Kick-ass
Two-Face, Agent K
The Riddler, Colonel Stars and Stripes
Superman, Dylan Dog
Conan the Barbarian, Aquaman
Batman, Daredevil
Jane Foster, Evey
V, Red Skull
Perry White, Silver Surfer
Dwight, Jonah Hex
Kirigi, Kenuichio Harada
Volstagg, Punisher
Merlin, Sinestro

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