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South Park HintAnswer
He is overweight, has a light blue hat
Kenny's hair colour
He is Jewish, has red hair
He dies in almost every episode before season 6
He is Canadian and adopted by Jewish parents
They are two Canadians who have their own show
He often gives people the middle finger, has a blue hat
He is often a sidekick of Cartman, and very funny
He is very hyper and drinks a lot of coffee
She is Stan's girlfriend
He has black hair,blue hat, one of the main characters on the show
Wendy's best friend
South Park HintAnswer
Stan's crazy dad
He often gives the kids advice, he is a chef
He is one of the only African Americans in South Park, friend of the boys
He is the guidance counsellor of South Park Elementary, always says 'M'kay'
He is the boys' homosexual teacher
He is a towel
He is crippled, only able to say his name, one of his classmates' names, and a turkeys name
He is crippled, stutters a lot, uses crutches
His life is saved by Timmy, he is a turkey
He is the 'best looking boy in the class' in the episode 'The List'
He pretends to be 'Mr.Jefferson' when he moves to South Park
He is British, gets killed in episode '201'

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