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Can you name the terms associated with vertebrate physiology?

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AAir sacs within the lungs
AAllowed reproduction away from water in reptiles (2 words)
AClass that includes the frog
AOrder that includes frogs (means 'no tail')
BIts shape determines what a bird can eat
CProtects the brain of all vertebrates
CRefers to breathing through the skin
DLocation of a vertebrate nerve cord
FFound only in birds and are essential for flight
FNumber of chambers in all bird and mammal hearts (spell it out)
HFound on all mammals, even dolphins!
KPrimary excretory organ in a frog
MProduced by females to feed their young
NClear covering over the eye in a frog (2 words)
Starts withDescription
OLaying hard-shelled eggs which are then cared for by a parent
OOnly North American pouched mammal
PCirculation to the lungs
PMammals in which the young develop internally
MMammals which lay eggs
MMammals with pouches
ROne of the functions of a frog's skin
RIncludes turtles, snakes, and crocodiles
SCirculation to the body
SDivides the left and right sides of the ventricle
TNumber of chambers in a frog heart (spell it out)
T'Ear drum' of the frog (2 words)
TImmature frog
TThe combination of shapes determines what mammals eat
VHow wastes leave the frog digestive system
WMust be present for amphibians to reproduce successfully

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