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Can you name the terms assiciated with the Nervous system, Senses, and Endocrine system?

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Starts withDescription
AGlands that produce stress hormones
AMessage in a neuron
ACarries messages away from a neuron
ACategory for male hormones
ANerve that conducts information from the ear to the brain
AControls the cardiac and smooth muscles but not the skeletal
BPart of the CNS that controls breathing and heart rate
CPart of the brain involved in postures and balance
CPart of the brain involved in thinking
CClear covering of the eye
CPart of the ear that uses receptors to detect sound waves
CDetect chemicals, used in smell and taste
CMost common second messenger
CReceptors that function in bright light for color vision
CIncludes the brain and spinal cord
DPicks up messages and transmits them into the neuron
ESystem of glands and hormones
GHormone that raises blood sugar
HProduces releasing and inhibiting hormones, found in the brain
IHormone that lowers blood sugar
IMuscle that controls how much light enters the eye
LFocuses light on the retina
MDetect touch, pressure, etc.
MCarries messages from the brain and spinal cord to the body
NChemical released to transmit a message from one neuron to another
NSystem of nerves
NType of feedback that minimized change from a setpoint
NMajor cell type of the nervous system
ONerve that conducts information from the eye to the brain
OGland that produces estrogen and progesterone
Starts withDescription
OReceptors specific to smell
POpposite of the fight or flight system
PGland that produces melatonin for sleep/wake cycles
PHormones that cannot enter a cell
PGland involved in controlling blood sugar levels
POpens and closes in response to light levels
PFeedback that increases change from a setpoint
POuter part of the ear
PFour small glands that are involved in controlling blood calcium levels
PProtein that detects light
PChemical that is kicked out of a neuron to reset the charge
PGland divided into anterior and posterior, releases lots of hormones
PIncludes all nerves except those in the brian and spinal cord
RPart of the eye containing photoreceptors
RProtein that a hormone must connect with to act in a cell
RReceptors that function in low light
SCarries messages from the body to the brain
SPart of the ear used for balance
SWhat a hormone that can't enter a cell uses to carry its message
SControls the skeletal muscles
SHormones that can enter cells
SFight or flight system
SSystem that includes taste and sight
SSpace between an axon of one neuron and the dendrite of another
SChemical that flows into a neuron to start an action potential
TDetect temperature
TMembrane that first vibrates in response to sound waves
TGland involved in T cell maturation
TGland involved in controlling metabolism and blood calcium levels
TGland that produces most of the testosterone in males

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