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ASends the electrical signal for the lower parts of the heart to beat
AMade by leukocytes to destroy foreign cells
ALargest artery
AStimulates an immune response
ACarries blood away from the heart
AUpper chambers of the heart
BStorage compartment for urine
BSurrounds the glomerulus, location of filtration
CSystem including both the heart and blood vessels
CWaste gas that helps maintain blood pH
CSmallest blood vessels
ESystem for getting rid of waste
ERed blood cells
FLiquid after passing from the Glomerulus to Bowman's Capsule
FOccurs between Boman's capsule and the glomerulus
GKnot of blood vessels in the nephron
HHigh blood pressure
HKidneys help maintain this condition
HMain muscle of the cardiovascular system
KMain organ of the excretory system
LMiddle part of a nephron, surrounded by cappilaries
Starts withDescription
LWhite blood cell
NFunctional unit of the kidney
OCarried to the body by red blood cells
PCirculation from the heart to the lungs
PPressure waves in the arteries
PLiquid part of the blood
PFragment of a cell used in blood clotting
RBody takes back material it needs from the filtrate in the kidney
SCirculation from the heart to the body
SPacemaker of the heart
SDivides the left side of the heart from the right
SBody adding more wastes into the nephrons
UFormed when proteins are broken down in the liver
UCarries urine from the kidney to the bladder
UCarries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
VCarries blood to the heart
VLargest vein
VFound in veins but not in arteries
VLower chambers of the heart
WMakes up 95% of the plasma

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