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First letterDescription
AAir sacs in the lungs
AMoving material using ATP (energy)
AMoving nutrients from the intestine to the bloodstream
BSmall tubes within the lungs
BLarge divisions of the trachea into each lung
CProcess of digestion that occurs in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine.
CFood after it has been mixed up in the stomach
CWaste gas from the body
CType of nutrient that salivary amylase digests
DAny molecule spreading out across space
DMuscle that controls breathing
DOccurs when material moves through the large intestine to fast
ECell 'spitting out' material
EBreathing out
ECell interalizing large molecules
E Blood cell that carries oxygen
EConnects the pharynx to the stomach
GOrgan that stores bile
HProtein that carries oxygen in the blood
HArea with less material and more water than another area
First letterDescription
HArea with more material and less water than another area
IBreathing in
IEqual concentrations on both sides of a membrane
LNutrient that bile helps digest
LOrgan that produces bile
LVoice box
LMost water is absorbed from this structure
MProcess of digestion that occurs in the mouth and stomach.
OGas carried from the lungs to the rest of the body
OMovement of water across a membrane
PStructure shared by the respiratory and digestive systems
PRhythmic contractions of the digestive system
PCell internlizeing small molecules or liquids
PMoving material without using energy
PThis organ produces hormones to manage blood sugar
PType of nutrient that pepsin digests
SMost nutrients are absorbed from this structure
TPath from the pharyx to the lungs
VFinger-like projections in the intestines

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