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Can you name the terms associated with Cells, Muscles, and Nutrients?

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First letterDescription
AMonomer of proteins
AMajor muscle protein
CStorage form of carbs in some plants
C Surrounds plant cells and most bacteria, but not animal cells
CLiquid inside a cell
CHeart muscle
CPasta, sugars, etc
EPlant and animal cells, for example
GStorage form of carbs in animals
GServes as the 'post office' for a cell
IMost smooth and all cardiac, but not skeletal
LFats and oils
LConnects bone to bone
MMajor muscle protein
MSurrounds all cells and determines what enters or leaves a cell
MSingle unit
MThese produce ATP for the cell
NWhere ribosomes are assembled
NWhere the DNA is stored in many cells
First letterDescription
NMonomer of DNA and RNA
PBacterial cells, for example
PStructure of the cell membrane
PString of single units
PMeat, nuts, and beans
RThese help produce proteins
RProteins for export are made and processed here
SLipids are modified and packaged here
SDivision of muscle fibers
SMonomer of carbs
SMuscles that are attached to bones
SMuscles that surround internal organs
SStorage form of carbs in some plants
SSkeletal and cardiac, but not smooth
TConnects bone to muscle
VSkeletal and a few smooth, but not cardiac
ZDefines the ends of a division of muscle fibers

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