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Can you name the terms associated with bacteria and viruses?

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Starts withDescription
ABacteria that live in extreme environments
BRod-shaped bacteria
CBacterial sex
DMakes up the chromosome of bacteria
EMembrane surrounding some viruses
FBacteria that can grow with or without oxygen
GProcedure to identify bacteria by components of the cell wall
HVirus that causes AIDS
ICaused by the invasion of bacteria or viruses
JDeveloped the first vaccine
KDeveloped a series of test to prove that an organism causes a disease
LVirus moves in, is replicated, and explodes the host cell
MBacteria present in cow stomachs that produce methane
Starts withDescription
NBacteria take N2 gas and convert it to ammonia
OBacteria that cannot live in the presence of oxygen
PExtra circle of DNA in bacteria
RVirus that uses RNA for its genetic material
SSpiral-shaped bacterium
TAdding DNA to a bacterium using a plasmid
UThese may be caused by Helicobacter pilori
VIs not considered a living organism since it can not replicate on its own
WLast name of one of the men who described the structure of DNA
XUsed to diagnose bacterial pneumonia
YGenus and species of the plague germ
ZCatching a disease from an animal

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