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Can you name the terms related to protists and fungi?

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AProtists that move on their own and are consumers
BAsexual reproduction (2 words)
BPhyla of mushrooms (like those on pizza)
CHairs surrounding a paramecium that allow it to move
CFound in the cell walls of fungi
CName of the group of protists belived to be the ancestors of modern plants
DProtist found in road paint, have shells, and each species has a distinctive shape
ECells that possess a nucleus and internal membrane-bound organelles
FTail-like structure used for swimming
GThroat of a paramecium
HOrganisms that consume others to gain energy
HStructure of a fungus (filimentous)
ITerm applied to fungi with no known sexual reproduction
Starts withDescription
KLargest of the algaes
LSymbiotic relationship between a fungus and a photosynthetic algae or bacterium
MSuffix for fungi and fungus-like protists
NCycle that involves fungi in the process of ammonification
OMouth of a paramecium
PPut in this kingdom because they don't fit anywhere else
PBase of nearly all aquatic food webs
RRed algae, grows deepest in the ocean of the algae types
SComes in cellular and plasmodial varieties
TCarrier of the organism that causes Sleeping Sickness
WCommon name of the oomycota
YFungus that allows bread to rise
ZPhylum of the conjugating fungi, such as bread mold

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