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Can you name the terms associated with Human Systems?

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AProtein on a cell surface that can cause an immune respose
ADivision of the skeleton that includes the cranium and the vertebrae
AProduced by B cells to mark foreign cells
AHardening of the arteries
AUpper chambers of the heart
ALargest artery
ASmaller of the major muscle fibers
ADivision of the skeleton that includes the humerus and the femur
BLocation of blood cell development and fat storage in bones (2 words)
CSystem that delivers nutrients and wastes around the body
CThe embryonic skeleton is initially made of this substance
CMuscle found in the heart
CLocation of gas and nutrient exchange in the circulatory system
DSystem that breaks food into usable parts
DInner layer of the skin
ESystem that removes waste products from the body
ESystem that sends messages using hormones
EOuter layer of the skin
ERed blood cell
HHigh blood pressure
HProtein that carries oxygen
ISystem that protects the body and separates the inside from the outside
ISystem that fights diseases
IDescribes cardiac and smooth muscle but not skeletal
KPrimary component of fingernails
Starts withDescription
LConnects bones at a joint
LTissue fluid
LWhite blood cell
MSystem that enables movement
MLarger of the major muscle fibers
MPigment found in skin
NSystem that passes messages electrically and chemically
OBone cell
PCarries blood from the heart to the lungs
PPressure waves in the arteries
PLiquid part of the blood
PHelp blood clot
RSystem that enables gas exchange
RSystem that ensures that the species continues into another generation
SSystem that includes bones
SSystem that detects changes in the environment and conveys them to the brain
SFluid found in and around many joints
SDescribes the appearance of skeletal and cardiac muscle but not smooth
SSegment of a muscle fiber, from Z line to Z line
SSeparates the left and right sides of the heart
SCells that initiate the heart beat (2 words)
TConnects muscle to bone
VDescribes skeletal muscle but not cardiac or smooth
VLargest vein
VLower chamber of the heart

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