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QUIZ: Can you name the terms associated with Ecology?

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Starts withDescription
ADiagram showing how many individuals are in each age band (2 words)
AIncludes the non-living things like water and weather
BEverything living
BMost of a species dies out leaving minimal genetic diversity
CA collection of populations in one area
COrganisms that must get their food from eating others
CUsing energy from something other than the sun to produce food
COrganisms that eat other animals only
CTakes sugars and makes energy (2 words)
CBurning fossil fuels
CA group of pine trees here and another group over there
CHow many of a particular species an area can support without harm
CResurrection fern grows on an oak tree (+/0)
CTwo or more organisms that need/want the same thing
CDescribes a community that is at a stable end point
DPeriod of reduced activity when conditions are bad
DOrganisms that eat rotting stuff
DFungi and bacteria that break down rotten material
DDescribe the basic characteristics of a specific population (birth and death rates)
DDescribes how many individuals are in a specific area
DUSA, Japan, Russia, but not Liberia
DKenya, Malasia, but not Australia
DPattern of changes as a country becomes more developed (2 words)
EMoving out of an area
EWater entering the atmosphere from surfaces
EGrowth pattern without limiting factors, stable growth rate
FHuman eats a cow that ate the grass (2 words)
FShows much of the matter and energy transfer in a community (2 words)
GOrganism that has a broad niche (rats)
GTotal amount of energy converted to food in a community or ecosystem (3 words)
Starts withDescription
HOrganisms that eat plants only
HPattern of wandering around to collect or follow herds (2 words or hyphenated)
IMoving into an area
IParents are related
LPeas or beans, often planted in rotation with corn
LHow long an individual can expect to live (2 words)
LGrowth pattern with limits, changing growth rate
LAnything that keeps a population from growing at its maximum rate (2 words)
MMoving from one area to another
MBee pollinates a flower (+/+)
NDescribes all of the potential interactions an organism can have
NAmount of energy/food available for the consumers in a community (3 words)
NConverting N2 into ammonia (2 words)
OOrganisms that eat both plants and animals
PA single species in one area at a particular time
POrganisms that can make their own food
PMost common method of making ones own food
PRain or snow
PDoes not go through a gas phase, unlike the carbon and water (2 words)
PTick on a dog (+/-)
PDescribes the snake that eats the mouse
PDescribed the mouse the snake ate
POccurs when an area is starting from bare rock (2 words)
SOrganism that has very specific requirements (koala)
SDiagram showing how likely an individual is to die at any given age
SDescribes the number of different species in an area (2 words)
SOccurs when farmland goes back to forest or after a fire (2 words)
TIndicates the order of energy transfer in a community (2 words)
TWater loss through the leaves of plants
UPine trees are evenly spread over the area

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