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Can you name the terms associated with animal physiology?

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AType of symmetry a sponge has
ABack segment of a grasshopper
APhylum of a grasshopper
BType of symmetry most animals have
CPhylum of the hydra
DOrganism forms anus first
EPlanaria use them to detect light (2 words)
EShell made of chitin found in many arthropods
E'Spiny skin'; phylum of sea stars and sand dollars
FCells used in excretion in planaria
GType of 'stomach' present in a hydra (2 words)
HFluid used instead of blood in a grasshopper
HTerm for an animal that produces both eggs and sperm
IType of metamorphosis found in grasshoppers
MSignificant change of shape found in many arthropods, some amphibians
Starts withDescription
MUsed for excretion in a grasshopper (2 words)
MTerm for loosing and replacing the exoskeleton
NType of nervous system in a hydra
NName of an immature grasshopper
PPhylum of planaria
PBody plan of the hydra
PThroat of a planarian
PChemical released by many animals to attract mates
POrganism forms mouth first
RType of symmetry present in sea urchins
SImmobile as an adult (sponges)
SOpenings for gas exchange in the exoskeleton of a grasshopper
TActual structures sea stars use to move (2 words)
VLocation of the nerve cord in a grasshopper
WHow sea stars move (3 words)

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