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Book Based HintsUS CitiesHelpful Hints
This city was the Capital of the Confederacy.This city is capital of present day Virginia.
This city was under seige for 6 weeks during the Civil War.O Brother, Where Art Thou? was filmed here.
This city was famous for its witch trials.Notable residents include William Graham Bell.
This city was destroyed on Shermans 'March to the Sea'.This is the largest city in Georgia.
This city has the oldest China town in North America.This city is known for the Golden Gate Bridge.
This city was constructed on the banks of the Potomac.This city is the capital of the U.S.
This town was the site of the first US womens rights convention.This town inspired the setting of 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
In 1883 Cholera killed 25% of the populatio of this city. This city was devestated by Hurrcaine Katrina.
A battle here was a decisive Union Victory.This city is nicknamed the 'Music City'.
Spanish settlers were the first to colonize here. This city is considered the 'birth place' of California.
Book Based HintsUS CitiesHelpful Hints
A 'tea party' started the American Revolution in this city.This city had the first subway in America.
This was a major city in France's North American empire.This city did not desegregate untill the 1964 civil rights act.
The 'Hay Market Bombing' occured here.This city is known as the 'windy city'.
This city was capital of the 'Republic of Texas'.This city is the second largest state capital in the US.
This city had the first elevated railroad in America.This city is also known as the 'Big Apple' .
These cities were the site of the inital conflict in the Revolution.These cities are famous for authors like, Loisa May Alcott.
This city served as the US capital in the Revolution.This city was founded by William Penn.
This city was known for textile mills that employed primarily younge women and imigrants.This city was known as a cradle of the industrial revolution.
34 people died here in a WWII race riot.This city is kown as the 'motor city'.
This area was the site of a Renaissance for African AmericansThis area was known for authors such as Langston Hughes.

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