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In 'Weight Loss' who faints due to their unhealthy diet?
What is Pam attending in New York for 3 months?
Who is the new HR after Toby leaves?
Who does the new HR think is mentally challenged?
Who admits in 'Business Ethics' that they sometimes take a long lunch?
What does Jim use to tell how much time Dwight steals form the company, forcing Dwight to work nonstop?
Meredith admits to be sleeping with her paper supplier for discounts and what?
What is Jan's baby's name?
In 'Baby Shower' what does Michael say he tries to do everyday?
How much does Jim pay in the auction to have drink with the warehouse guys?
What is the big prize that Michael says he will auction but does not really have?
Who pays $1,000 in the auction to hug Phyllis?
What branch does Holly get transferred to?
What song do Holly, Michael, and Darryl sing many times on the way to Holly's new house?
Who does Kelly give bad customer surveys to for not going to her party?
What country do Michael, Andy, and Oscar go to for business?
Who does Michael and Dwight try to frame to get fired?
In 'The Surplus' what does the office end up using the extra money to buy?
Who lights his/her hair on fire during the Christmas Party?
While trying to get this person to admit he/she is an alcoholic, they deny it but admit the are addicted to what?
In 'The Duel' who do Andy and Dwight fight over?
What small family owned paper company do Dwight and Michael try to destroy?
What actress do the office workers debate whether she is hot or not?
Who ends the debate with his/her vote?
Who has a heart attack in 'Stress Relief'?
Who does Michael find out is pregnant in 'Lecture Circuit'?
Which two people join Michael and his new paper company?
Who is the new regional manager after Michael quits?
Who does Michael convince to fire Charles and give him and his two employees their jobs back at Dunder Mifflin?
What sweatshirt does Dwight wear to annoy Andy?
Who interviews Dwight to be accepted to Cornell?
What word does Creed think Andy and Dwight are talking about when talking about Cornell?
What does Andy dress up as to annoy Dwight?
To keep Kevin from leaving Cafe Disco what does Michael tell him is in hand?
Who started dancing with Kelly that began the party at Cafe Disco?
Who gives Michael a small disco ball from his car for Cafe Disco?
What are Jim and Pam going to do before they stop at Cafe Disco?
What branch do Holly and Michael accidentally say is being closed?
Who is Scranton's best volleyball player?
What to Jim and Pam find out about Pam when they go to the hospital?

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