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earth condenses into dust and early life begins
eukaryotes evolve, sexual reproduction, multicellular plants appear
first vertebrates, amphibians evolve, first reptiles
dinosaurs dominate, mammals appear
early primates evolve, first humans
period of mesozoic era when reptiles most successful
most probable ancestor of land plants
means 'naked seed', nonflowering seed-bearing plants
first reptiles evolved from...
flowering and seed-bearing plants
widepsread extinction of many reptiles occured at the end of this period of mesozoic era
multicellularity shows up a lot really fast 543 mya
all 20 amino acids made abiotically in this experiment
first gas existing on earth
naturally phenomenom resulting in a reducing atmosphere
bacterial mats found 3.5 bya in first fossil evidence
cells with a nuclear membrane
cells which make up bacteria

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