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nerves are made up of
input neuron
brain and spinal cord neuron
output neuron
shortest nerve in reflex arc
brain and spinal chord system
destroying frontal lobe of brain
area surrounding gray matter
small opening in center of spinal chord
reflex reaction is...
lobe containing speech
brain part controlling lower functions
determining importance and significance of input
helper nervous system cells
input sensor for a neuron cell
space in which chemicals diffuse from axon to receptor
chemicals released by neurons
axon insulators in vertebrates
disease when immune system attacks myelin sheath
ratio of potassium to sodium in a pump
when outside of neuron is more positive than inside
when inside of neuron is more positive than outside
neuron sending information
motor system that controls movement and output
motor system that controls subconscious actions
Involuntary motor system that activates when a person is under stress
involuntary motor system that activates when a person is relaxed
Brain section that is part of the brainstem and controls breathing, circulation, swallowing and digestion
Part of brainstem that controls breathing
Part of brainstem that recieves and integrates auditory data and sends sensory data to higher brain centers
Part of brain that coordinates and learns body movement
Part of brain that does data sorting and serves as a sensory input center and a motor output center
Part of brain that does homeostatic control
Part of brain that controls personality and does sophisticated integration

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