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the number of babies out of every 1000 born who die before their first birthday
time period known for high birth rates between 1946 and 1965
average number of children that couples in a population must bear to replace themselves
average number of years a newborn infant can be expected to live
subtracting the number of people leaving a population from the number entering it
movement of people(in general)
the number of live births per 1000 people in a population in a given year
educational and clinical services that help couples choose how many children to have and when to have them
number of children born to a woman during her lifetime
the maximum number of people who could live in reasonable freedom and comfort indefinately, without decreasing the ability of the earth to sustain future generations
movement of people out of an area
th number of deaths per 1000 people in a population in a given year
movement of people into an area
average number of children born to women in a population during their reproductive years

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