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removing dissloved salts from ocean water or from brackish water in aquifers or lakes
an artifical lake created as a result of dammed water
the area on top of the the zone of saturation
two widely used methods of desalination
the area where spaces in the soil and rock close to the earth's surface are filled with water
prolonged period in which precipitation is at least 70% lower than average and evaporation is higher than normal in a particular area
movement of water in the seas, air, and on land
one of our most important sources of freshwater and a key componet of our earth's natural capital
underground caverns and porous layers of sand, gravel, or rock through which groundwater flows
structure built across a river to control the river's flow
land from which surface water drains into a particular river, lake, wetland, or other body of water
precipitation that does not infiltrate the ground or return to the atmosphere by evaporation
exit points where groundwater from an aquifer flows out of the ground onto land or onto lake bottoms
an area where a stream over-flows its normal channel and spills over into
freshwater from precipitation and melted snow that flows across earth's land surface and into lakes, streams, wetlands, etc. and ultimately into the ocean
reliable source of freshwater year-to-year
most efficient way to deliver small amounts of water precisely to crops
occurs when large amounts of groundwater are removed and the sand and rock in aquifers collapse

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