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intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory
a scatterbrained person
shameless audacity; zeal
made or used as an inferior substitute for something else
unit of frequency
extravagant but superficial display
a clumsy or foolish person
a thin crisp unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jews
crisp biscuit baked in the form of a knot
hard white or colorless mineral
a thin slice of light meat coated in breadcrumbs and fried
soda water
to spray in quick short bursts
a person with great authority; an emperor of Russia (variant)
a form of dance
bird with iridescent green plumage; monetary unit of Guatemala
printed multicolored cotton fabric with a glazed finish
a communal settlement in Israel, especially a farm
look on and offer unwelcome advice
a sauce of Greek origin made from yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers
confusion; uproar; a hangover
(of a machine) stop working properly
relatively short cannon that delivers shells at a medium muzzle velocity
a common jump in figure skating
a small companion dog, originally from China
fool; jerk (Yiddish)
a large, tree-dwelling American bird with weak flight
waste time; busy oneself aimlessly (Yiddish)
Hebrew word for righteous one
a biting fly of Africa (variant)
traditional hands-on therapy originating from Japan; massage (variant)
a diamond of inferior quality or abrasive diamond powder
a poor chess player
a commandment of Jewish law; a worthy deed
a thin rolled pancake filled with cheese or fruit and then fried or baked

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