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QUIZ: Can you name the Movie Titles Lost in Translation?

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Translated TitleMovieYear
Exquisite Boneses2009
Titanium Conflict1981/2010
As for presses the order to form you the dragon2010
Ton Time Heat Machine2010
The US is Beautiful1999
Metal Complete Jacket1987
Lower Jaw1975
Proxy Layer1982
Hard Matrix1988
Old Person is Not a Country2007
Region 92009
1,000,000 US Dollars Children2004
Toy Report1995
Prince Spouse1987
Benjamin Curious Instance Knot2008
Young Young Lady Sun2006
The Day Still Found the Earth1951/2008
Where Wild Matter2009
Translated TitleMovieYear
They are the Legends2007
Is Injured Sideboard2008
Quantum Comfort2008
Its Quilt Gives Us by the Meat Dance Possibility2009
Monkey's Planet1968/2001
Hunts Red in October1990
Goes Between 60 Second Part1974/2000
Person Who Gun has the Gold1974
In Conference Later Skin Burn2008
Italian Occupation1969/2003
In Sky2009
Is the Human2008
Some to Negative Hot1959
Gate Situation Enemy2001
Reclamation Total1990
The Invention is Found for Us2009
**BONUS**: The Malignancy Is2008

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