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QUIZ: Can you name the character of Gilmore Girls that said these lines?

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Forced Order
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 Sorry, all I heard was copper boom!
 At least she had a husband to kill.
 Those are some nice shelves!
 Someone egged my freakin' car!
 Because she's copying me there too. Gigi? Rory? Gigi? Rory? They're identical!
 I just got hit by a deer!
 Whatever man, I'm not saying Bulwark.
 I'm blubbering, you freaks.
 It’s like falling 600 feet to your death. You know, it’s fun the first 599 feet, but it’s just the last foot, total sucko.
 There's nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie. Except of course Anthony Quinn in a onesie.
 I’m gonna be in a Britney Spears video?
 I’ll have one of my patented White Castle bachelor dinners.
 For the average Willie Nelson roadie, yes, but not for a winning debate team member.
 Look at you! Eatin' apple pie, workin' at WalMart. You're the All-American boy!
 Statement: '...You're special.' Response: 'Like stop eating the paste special?'

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