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The gigantic gorilla
The king of the monkeys from 'The Jungle Book'
The two monkeys from 'Madagascar'
Dora the Explorer's best friend
Aladdin's pet monkey
The ape king from 'Tarzan'
One of the Powerpuff Girls' enemies
Tortures Chris Griffin by pointing his finger
One of Arthur's friends who is a tomboy
Francine's best friend from 'Arthur'
The Hanna-Barbera gorilla
A curious monkey
The pirate monkey from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films
The capuchin monkey from 'Night at the Museum'
I.M. Weasel's best friend
Mufasa's good baboon friend from 'The Lion King'
Eliza Thornberry's best friend
The young gorilla who became friends with Tarzan
Kerchak's mate and Tarzan's adoptive mother
Krusty the Clown's trained monkey
Nintendo's famous monkey
A Disney film about a giant gorilla based on a cartoon in the 1940s

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