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Catch - Phrase
'Eh, what's up doc?'
'Oh bother!'
'Silly old bear.'
'Th- Th- That's All Folks'
'Did I do that?'
'Giggity giggity goo!'
'I'm ready!'
'Come on vamanos, everybody let's go! Come on let's get to it. I know that we can do it.'
'Eat my shorts!'
'I taw I taw a puddy tat! I did I did taw a puddy tat!'
'To infinity and beyond!'
'They're greaatt!'
'They're magically delicious!'
'Reach for the sky!' 'You're my favorite deputy!'
'Meep meep!'
'What the deuce?!' 'Victory is mine!'
Catch - Phrase
'Bah humbug!'
'Have mercy!'
'Your'e despicable!'
'Suffering succotash!'
'Cut it out!'
'How rude!'
'You got it dude!' You're in big trouble mister!'
'What'choo talkin 'bout, Willis?'
'Whoopah!' 'I got this!'
'Whoa baby!'
'Ssshh! Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm hunting wabbits!'
'I hate that rabbit!'
'Don't be ridiculous!'
'You eediot!'
'Wakka Wakka!'
'This makes me very angry, very angry indeed!'

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