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PremiseMovie TitleStarring Actors
Two men witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and flee Chicago dressed as women playing with an all-girl band, but trouble ensues when one of them falls for one of the women in
A boy magically turns into a grown-up, but soon finds that he liked life better as a kid
An advertising executive is mistaken for a spy and forced to go on the run
A man is trapped in an airport after his home country becomes embroiled in a civil war during his flight and his passport is voided
A professor is hired by the US government to find a famous religious covenant in Egypt, and goes up against the Nazi regime to find it
After being wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, a man searches for her killer while being chased by a relentless US Marshal
A privileged Harvard student falls in love with a not-so-privileged Radcliffe student, and his angry father cuts off his inheritance in response
A cop and a government agent team up to prevent an alien terrorist from starting a destructive war
Aliens arrive on Earth and start blowing everything up, leaving a fighter pilot and a scientist to save the world
After lots of struggles with boyfriends, a Londoner and a woman from LA decide to switch homes in an effort to find love
PremiseMovie TitleStarring Actors
Two identical twins, who had been separated after their parents' divorce and know nothing about each other, meet at a summer camp and conspire to get their parents back together
An ogre is sent to rescue a princess from a far-off castle and bring her to a lord, but falls in love with the princess himself on the way home
A high school senior ditches school for one last hurrah with his best friend and his girlfriend, and they have a fun-filled day of excitement in Chicago
A parody of King Arthur's quest for the holy grail
A son of the gods is stripped of his immortality and raised by humans, and must fight monsters and Hades to regain his immortality
A girl disguises herself as a boy so she can fight for China against the Huns
A journalist from Kazakhstan goes on a hilarious adventure across the United States to find Pamela Anderson
An NYPD cop singlehandedly sets out to rescue his estranged wife's entire office from terrorists
A former gladiator leads an army of slaves to take on the Roman Empire
An astronaut crash lands on a planet ruled by intelligent simians

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