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PremiseMovie TitleStarring Actors
A group of World War II soldiers are sent to rescue a soldier whose three brothers all died in the war
A man is stranded on a deserted island after his plane crashes with nothing but a painted volleyball for company
A family of superheroes tries to live as a normal family, until the dad receives a mysterious assignment
Two journalists use mysterious sources to try and uncover the Watergate Scandal
A man, while confined to a wheel chair with a broken leg, becomes convinced one of his neighbors has murdered someone based on the events he has witnessed from his window
Monsters work at a company that creates energy by harvesting children's screams. But when a child manages to sneak into the monsters' town, all hell breaks loose
Three Convicts break out of jail to try and find a stash of hidden money, and embark on a journey very similar to the Odyssey
Just after he is paroled, a thief launches a plan to steal over $150 million from a casino with his team
A man with no short-term memory searches for his wife's killer in a plot that moves backwards, instead of forwards
Two high school slackers use a time-machine to ace a history project to avoid flunking out of school
PremiseMovie TitleStarring Actors
An amnesiac former secret agent goes on a quest to find out who he is, while being chased by people trying to kill him wherever he goes
The Taming of the Shrew is updated to modern-day and set in a Seattle high school
In what is considered one of the best movies ever made, this film studies the rise of a newspaper baron from poor beginnings to a status as one of the world's most influential men
Detective Sam Spade investigates murders, which lead him into a world of deception, as killers search for a priceless statue
In a modern-day film noir, three cops find themselves encompassed in a world of corruption, sex, and lies while investigating a mysterious multiple murder at a coffee shop
A man tries to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother's life
A man in an insane asylum inspires his fellow patients to rebel against the head nurse
A millionaire weapons maker is taken prisoner by terrorists, and the experience causes him to rethink his life. He shuts down his company and instead builds himself a superhero sui
In Space, an old man guides a young man on a quest to save a princess from the forces of evil, while being helped along by robots
A seemingly ordinary boy is told he is a wizard, and thus begins a year of excitement, as he goes to a wizarding school, and battles the evil forces of dark magic

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