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Can you name the foods found in a Jewish delicatessen?

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Chicken soup with matzo balls 
Chicken soup fully loaded with matzo balls, kreplach, noodles, rice, chicken, and vegetables 
Some brisket, some cabbage, some beets, a little tomato juice 
Polish vegetable soup with honey, cloves, and spices 
Onion kaiser 
Braided, sweet egg bread traditionally eaten on Sabbath eve 
Forshpeis (Appetizers)
Baked or fried pocket of dough filled with potato, kasha, spinach, and sometimes meat scraps from the deli, served with gravy 
Beef intestine stuffed with chicken schmaltz, matzo meal, and vegetables, smothered in gravy 
Little dumplings filled with minced beef and onion, fried or boiled, served with caramelized onions or added to soup 
Buckwheat grains and onions sauteed in schmaltz and tossed with bowtie pasta, sometimes served with gravy 
Stewed carrots with prunes, honey, raisins, and sugar 
Chicken skins fried in fat until they crackle 
Fat, usually from chicken, rendered during the making of soup, cooled, and used for cooking or flavoring 
Calves' feet and garlic boiled and cooled into a jelly, set into a mold, and sliced 
Minced whitefish poached into a ball, served with beet-sweetened horseradish 
Fried potato pancakes traditionally eaten at Hanukah 
Deli Meat
Spiced, cured, smoked navel of beef 
Pickled and boiled beef brisket 
Romanian-inspired dried salami the width of a nickel 
Beef navel butterflied, rolled, tied with string, then cured, smoked, and sliced paper thin and served cold 
Pickled and lightly smoked veal brisket 
Large garlic sausage, served hot 
Paprika-dusted, twice-smoked slices of pickled fat from a brisket 
Main Course
Boiled beef short ribs served in beef or chicken broth 
Stew of chicken parts (usually wings and drumsticks) and perhaps meatballs ina tomato-based gravy 
Sliced broiled tongue in a sweet raisin sauce 
Slowly-braised stew of beans, potato, and meat, traditionally eaten on the Sabbath 
Dense small cookies/danish seasoned with fruit, nuts, cinnamon, and sugar 
Egg custard made with egg noodles, then baked 
Crepe stuffed with farmer's cheese or sweetened fruit and rolled, served with applesauce and sour cream 

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