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Can you name the nicknames of famous baseball players?

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Jeff Francoeur
Stan Musial
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Ozzie Smith
Greg Maddux
Tom Gordon
Travis Hafner
Albert Pujols
Lou Gehrig
Mariano Rivera
Reggie Jackson
Mark McGwire
Lawrence Berra
Jim Hunter
Ivan Rodriguez
Willie Mays
Kenny Rogers
Robert Grove
Francisco Rodriguez
Sean Casey
Rich Gossage
Pat Burrell
Randy Johnson
David Ortiz
Dontrelle Willis
Felix Hernandez
Carlos Lee
Ken Griffey Jr.
Jimmy Rollins
Ty Cobb
Luis Gonzalez
Alex Rodriguez
Ted Williams
Mark McGwire/Jose Canseco
Joe Jackson
Larry Jones
Mark Fidrych
Nolan Ryan
Cal Ripken
Roger Clemens
Orlando Hernandez
Mike Mussina
Fred McGriff
Pablo Sandoval
Dwight Gooden
Hideki Matsui
Andres Galarraga
Lance Berkman
Sammy Sosa
Henry Aaron
Lou Pinella
David Wells
George Herman Ruth
Frank Thomas

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