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Can you name the AP English Heroes and Villians?

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Who Is This?
 The Boy Who Lived
 May the 'Force' be with him
 Most Famous Resident of the Shire, Known Throughout Middle Earth
 His Kryptonian name means 'All that God is'
 Helps Clarence to earn his wings
 LexCorp Executive
 The Big Man Upstairs
 The Man often seen in red with a tail and a pitchfork
 He just can't wait to be king
Who Is This?
 Kills his brother in a stampede to become King of Pride Lands
 Programed to keep order inside The Matrix
 The Richest Man in Bedford Falls
 Luke's Father
 Made in the fires of Mount Doom
 He was a grey wizard then died and became white
 Created the One Ring to rule them all
 The 'One' who swallows the red pill

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