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Hint (Before)AnswerHint (After)
A famous Simon and Garfunkel song1991 movie featuring Hannibal Lecter
Actress who played Elaine BenesLate 19th century French political scandal
Colonial Protest of the East India CompanyFox teen drama that ran from 1994-2000
Cleveland Cavalier star5th President of the United States
State whose capital is AlbanyDark chocolate covered mint snack
A 1987 Guns N' Roses hit songDisney movie featuring Mowgli and Baloo
Elected Official approaching the end of his/her tenureNintendo Game that Included the NES Zapper
16th century French pastor who developed a system of Christian theologyComic strip featuring a boy and his doll
Hint (Before)AnswerHint (After)
Rapper famous for his declarations of 'What?!','Hey!', 'Yeah!', and 'Okay!'TLC show featuring the Gosselin's
Caramel coated popcorn snackFamous English nursery rhyme
Kelly Clarkson hit song'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn' movie
Actress who played Rose in The Golden GirlsVodka, kahlua, and cream cocktail
Sign of a liar liarGoods being sold at an extremely discounted price
Famous blind singer/pianistProponent of 'Natural Selection'
Cuban invasion siteHot dogs wrapped in dough
1985 charity song for AfricaMulti-player online fantasy role-playing game

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