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When struck at strike back – it’s your turn now! It’s time for you to seize every single dream thrown away. I’ve bet my heart’s place on this resistance.Neru ft Kagamine Rin
f I am reborn and come to meet you, do you think this shredded up heart of mine will heal? You see I was manipulated by someone else, and was intoxicated by that pair of fake wingsPinocchio P ft Hatsune Miku
I am the oldest, Osen. I am the second, Ofuji. I am unrelated, Oyoshi. Three people combined as one.Utsu-p ft Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and GUMI
You no say I love! I'm gonna dance and I'm gonna keep on dancing until I die!YM ft GUMI
Here, I’ve lost over and over and over and over and over and over again. I get berated for the littlest things. It’s a vicious circle, without a doubt.Toruch ft Kagamine Rin
To the reason for love, it's a cat dance, baby. Wisely and obediently, to love, beckon in the misery, passion's guilty mysteryTohma ft Hatsune Miku
Pi-pi-pi I shoot it out with peace, Re:say-Wholehearted self restraint, riding a wave of technique, my desire to do it goes up and upGigaP ft Kagamine Len
Cling, cling to your escapes from reality. Become a loser, and roar, roar, Throw, throw out your idealsNeru ft Kagamine Len
It's alright, it's alright! It doesn't hear or scratch at all. As long as you smile, KEI ft Hatsune Miku
Welcome to the mind f**k!Maretu ft Hatsune Miku
'Why can't I get a girlfriend?' 'I think you're a wonderful person' you say to me. 'Then why not go out with me' Why that awkward face?!Takkyuu Shounen ft Kagamine Len
Come! Come! I've got some info! I'll tell teacher! Look! Look! There are guys this bad! Kurage-P ft Yuzuki Yukari
My assignment today is to have you by my side. If the thread were to unravel, I've got to sew it back right away.*Luna ft Macne Nana
I don't know if I am a boy I don't know if I am a girl I don't know when I was born I don't know who's my motherRyuuuu ft Megurine Luka
Dizzily, giddily, woozily, with none of my emotions left, I subscribe to cutting-ism. RuntattattaKairiki Bear ft Hatsune Miku
You've charred my heart into ash, I've become numb to the pain, you've driven us both to crash and escape without a scratchCircusP and Creep-P ft Kagamine Rin
Say things reduce to entropy, By playing God, I ran away, No one gave a farewell, No shedded tears or lamentationGHOST ft Maika
Taking my breaths calmly, my eyes open up, my eyes open up, my eyes open up. Your name is-Hachi ft GUMI
Despite shouting 'help me' it's just a line of typical icons. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrongPinocchio P ft Hatsune Miku
Curse upon you, curse upon you. I can’t forget about the previous life. Curse upon you, curse upon you. I’m playing tag with the next life.Hanyuu Maigo ft Hatsune Miku
It must be Napolitan!Kurage-P ft Kagamine Rin
Even if it's heart to heart you hated me from the start.GHOST ft Maika
It’s smiling at me from a corner of this blank diary. It’s going to show me many wonderful dreams again today. Oh, my dream diary.Machigerita ft Aoki Lapis
This Alice is a rose. He was shot to death by a madman. The bright red flower blooms and when it's admired by all begins to wilt.Yugami-P ft MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
Wait, please understand, It's nothing, so please don't laugh at my song, A midair stroll's SOS, I,I,In-buna ft Hatsune Miku
This is heaven, the two of us as one, Spinning on a merry-go-round, getting spun around and around. From you to you, from me to me, we say good-bye.Kikuo ft Hatsune Miku
Flow along little glass bottle with a message containing a wish. On the other side of the horizon, there, it quietly disappears.Akuno-p ft Kagamine Rin
The ghost the ghost the ghost believed it was dead but it's actually alive, The ghost the ghost the ghost thought it was gone but it's notUtsu-p ft Flower

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