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Can you name the Survivor Dumbest Moves?

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Dumb MoveCastawaySeason
Gave Up Immunity and got Voted OutMicronesia
Voted Out With Two Immunity IdolsChina
Got Voted Out With and Idol Right After Ozzy Was Voted Out With and IdolMicronesia
Believing Russell and Trying to Vote Out Parvati When He Gave Her The Immuntiy IdolHeroes Vs. Villains
Taking Parvati To The Final Two Instead Of CirieMicronesia
Taking Tina To The Final Two Instead Of KeithAustralian Outback
Deciding To Vote Out Boston RobHeroes Vs. Villains
Playing A Stick As An Immunity IdolMicronesia
Givivng Russell a Hidden Immunity Idol After a ChallengeHeroes Vs. Villains
Deciding Not To Use The Hidden Immunity Idol And Got Voted OffMicronesia
Trying To Talk To Rory On The Other Tribe Before An Immunity ChallengeVanuatu

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