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Mascot of nintendo
Everyone's favorite Fairy Boy...not timmy
'Gotta catch em' all'
Showed up in the 1st Mario game
Pink and Puffy marshmallow?
Hero of space
Leader of Star...oops,Not telling!
Main Character of Earthbound
Carries his Pikmin around
Brother of the Mascot
The 2nd main member of
The 2nd main Nintendo Princess
The freinemey of the marshmallow.
The hero in Kid Icarus
'He's the next member of the DK crew!'
Turn a M upside down much
Turn a L upside down,AND YOU GET...
Dino...just dino
One of the fromilliar faces of WarioWare
Water Gym Leader
The Main princess of Nintendo
The member of the D.K crew with PINK
A weird guard that wears a diaper
First Apparance : Luigi's Mansion
One of the old members of star...STOP IT
Main Nintendo Villian
Uncle Diaper wearing guard
1st Pokemon proffecer
Get a popo,then a nana,you get...
1st Pokemon Gym leader
We forgot someone in
Everyone's favorite nintendo tomboy
Main Villain of the DK...well not crew...
Main Villain for the pink guy.
The oldest member of the DK CREW!
The girl diaper guard mushroom...meh
Team Rocket Pokemon
Team Rocket Member 1
Team Rocket Member 2
(FINAL) A pokemon legendary...TWO

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