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A - Ross and Rachel both buy this from Pottery Barn
B - Name of Eddie's old goldfish
C - Country where Phoebe's ex-husband is from
D - Name of Joey's pregnant sister
E - Ross Geller's middle name
F - Ross almost drinks a glass of this to try and apologize to Rachel
G - Phoebe pretends to cheer for this team while watching football
H - Chandler tries this to attempt to quit smoking
I - Ross boots this woman off of his freebie list for Winona Ryder
J - Monica works here instead of moving to Tulsa
K - Ross is allergic to this fruit
L - Rachel keeps this from Mr. Heckles' apartment
M - The friends are playing this game when they first meet Paolo
N - Chandler claims this is the source of his power
O - Barry Farber's occupation
P - Joey pretends to have this type of car to impress women
Q - One of Joey's housewarming presents to Monica and Chandler makes this noise
R - Ross plays this sport to impress Emily
S - Leonard Green's drink of choice
T - On Thanksgiving, Monica accidentally cuts Chandler on this body part
U - Name of Ross' laundry detergent
V - The book that Chandler buys for Kathy
W - Rachel's hairless cat's name
X - Monica's tanning salon used to be this kind of store
Y - This hangs around the peephole in Monica's apartment
Z - Main character in Rachel's erotic novel

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