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What is Ken Griffey Jr allergic to
Underpants color that MLB umpires have to wear
First baseball team to have a starting roster of entirely african americans and latinos
Player the NBA logo is depicting
Amount Babe Ruth payed fan for his 700th home run ball
# number Michael Jordan wore against the Orlando Magic
Only american sports city with three teams that have the same colors
Amount of cows needed to supply the NFL with leather for footballs
Amount of dimples on a golf ball
Interesting Olympic event from 1900-1920
State sport of Maryland
Height of the original Stanley Cup
Most Nascar tires are filled with this instead of air
Name of Nfl teams that combined in 1943
The oldest continous sporting event in USA
The first MLB team to use numbers
Who holds the record for most innings with 7,356
Which boxing legend invented the fax machine
The record of Michael Vick's 2008 prison intramural football team
What were golf balls originally made from
Hockey legend Gordie Howe's fear
Baseball pitch that was called 'sorcery' in 1884
Name an NBA storied franchise that has never had a player lead the league in scoring
How many Footballs must the home team for a NFL game supply
Who created the Yankees logo
Who was the only MLB player to get traded for himself
What is a side talent of Mark Sanchez
What country was Tim Tebow born in
Name the NHL player who was suspended for life
Where was Javale McGee born

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