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QUIZ: Can you name the Vampire Diaries Character Deaths?

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Cause of DeathCharacter
Killed in car accident before series starts
Bit by Damon Salvatore
Killed by Damon after keeping him locked up in the basement
Staked by Stefan Salvatore soon after becoming a vampire
Staked by Alaric soon after becoming a vampire
Witch who died from old age and over-use of powers
Staked and blindsided by Damon outside the Mystic Grill
Witch who had her heart pulled out by Damon
Vampire who was killed by John Gilbert
Vampire who was staked by John Gilbert
Mayor who was set on fire by John Gilbert
Werewolf whose heart was ripped from his chest by Damon
High school student who was paralyzed and killed by Katherine soon after
High school student compelled by Katherine and killed by Tyler
Cause of DeathCharacter
Vampire whose head was taken off by Elijah
Vampire who got bit by a werewolf then was later staked by Damon
Human killed by his son, Stefan
Original vampire who was killed by a dagger numerous times
Witch who was caught on fire by Damon after trying to remove the dagger from Elijah
Witch whose neck was snapped by Stefan after Katherine bit him
Vampire who lets herself burn to death under the compulsion of Klaus
Sacrificed himself to save his daughter from becoming a vampire
Werewolf who was killed as a part of Klaus's sacrifice
Turned into a vampire and later killed by Klaus as a part of his sacrifice
Witch whose neck was snapped by Damon after Klaus's sacrifice
Committed suicide in front of Damon after being compelled by Stefan
Original vampire daggered by Klaus, Elena, and then by Klaus again
Original vampire/vampire hunter killed by Klaus after working with Elena and Damon to kill Klaus

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