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Dan had an on and off relationship with this girl for 3 seasons
Dan's first love and childhood friend
Dan has a very short relationship with this new girl in season 2 who was paid by Chuck
Dan had a relationship with a teacher in season 2
Dan had sex with this crazy girl who claimed he was her baby's daddy
Dan dated this celebrity in season 3
Dan had a short and strange relationship with this relative of Serena's in season 4
Dan had feelings for a girl he used to hate
Serena's first real relationship
Serena had sex with her best friend's boyfriend at a wedding
Serena had a short relationship with this artist
Serena had a short relationship with this mysterious guy in season 3
Serena fell for this bad boy who stole her mom's money
Serena had an affair with this politician
Serena had a short relationship with her former teacher in season 4
Blair's first love, they dated in season 1
Blair dated this bad boy through season 3
Blair dated this guy in season 2 who claimed he was English royalty
Blair had feelings for thi guy who she used to hate
Blair got engaged to this prince at the end of season 4
Nate dated this girl in season 1 but didn't love her
Nate had sex with this girl while he was dating someone else
Nate had an affair with this married woman in season 2
Nate dated this Brooklyn girl at the end of season 1 and season 2
Nate had a short relationship with this young girl in season 2
Nate had feelings for the girl his family hated
Nate had a short relationship with this crazy girl who was plotting against Serena in season 4
Nate dated this girl who used to date Chuck in season 4
Chuck's first love and relationship whom he dates through season 3
Chuck had sex with this Brooklyn girl to make Blair jealous in season 2
Chuck had sex with another Brooklyn girl while trying to comfort her in season 3
Chuck had a short relationship with this girl who he met in England in season 4
Chuck had a short relationhip with this girl while trying to get on the good side of her dad in season 4
Jenny had a very short 'relationship' with this gay guy in season 1
Jenny had a crush on this guy and eventually dated him in season 2
Jenny had a toxic relationship with this drug dealer in season 3
Jenny had sex with this guy after they both got their hearts broken in season 3
Lily's ex-husband and Serena and Eric's father
Lily's husband who died in a car accident in season 2
Lily's current husband who she once dated when she was younger
Rufus's ex-wife and his children's mother
Rufus's current wife
Vanessa's best friend and boyfriend in season 3
Vanessa had a relationship with the pretty boy in season 1 and 2
Vanessa had sex with this guy to make Nate jealous

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