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Forced Order
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Name the lead singer
Name the lead guitarist
Name the drummer
Name the bass player
What was the orginal name of the band?
What was the name of the first album?
Who wrote the hit 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
'Somebody to Love' appeared on what album?
What was the name of the third album?
Freddies real name was?
Which singer appeared on the song 'Under Pressure'?
'Hammer To Fall' appeared on what album?
The music video in which Queen were dressed as women?
What was the name of the fifth album?
When did John Deacon retire from the band?
Finish the lyric 'Drop of a hat she's as willing as...'
What performance did Queen give that has been hailed one of the best live perfomances, ever
Freddie Mercury died of what?
What was the name of the seventh album?
In what year did Queen earn a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
'One Vision' appeared on what album?
Brian May grew up where?
What was the name of the ninth album?
Who wrote the hit 'Radio Gaga'
Finish the lyric, 'Jaws was never my scene....'
Name the West-End theatre production that is based around Queens music
What was the name of the eleventh album?
What was the name of Freddies first solo album?
Queen did the sountrack to the film...
'The March of the Black Queen' appeared on what album?
Queens first compilation album titled Greatest Hits was released in what year?
Finish the lyric, 'Tonight I'm gonna have myself....'
'I feel alive and the world....'
'I'm floating around...'
'So don't stop me now...'
'cause i'm having a good time'
What was the name of the thirteenth album?
Whose idea was it to change the name of the band from Smile to Queen
'The Show Must Go On' Appeared on what album
Finish the lyric, 'Each morning I get up I.....'
'Can barely stand....'
'Take a look.....'
'Lord what you're....'
Brian May can also be called a what?
What was the name of the fifteenth album?
When was the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert held?
'Sheer Heart Attack' appeared on which album?
Who wrote the hit 'Fat Bottomed Girls'
How any number one albums have Queen produced?

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