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Can you name the Fill-in-the blank film title?

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Film TitleYear it was released
________ Supremacy2004
The _______ Trap1961/1998
How To ____ a Guy in Ten Days2003
_________ vs Aliens2009
The __________ Redemption1994
The ___ Knight2008
_______ Club1999
It's a _________ Life1946
The Usual ________1995
17 _______2009
Back To the _______1985
Bend it Like _________2002
New ____2009
________ Nemo2003
_, Robot2004
The ___ of the Worlds2005
Anita & __2002
Modern ______1936
Blade _______1982
Film TitleYear it was released
_________ Scissorhands1990
The Sixth _______1999
Million _______ Baby2004
__________ of the Carribean2003
___ Story1995
____________ List1993
Shadow of a _______1943
The ________ Queen1951
What __________ in Vegas2008
Dude Where's My ___2000
________ and Clyde1967
Little Miss __________2006
________ Diamond2006
His _____ Friday1940
Rain ___1998
Gran _______2008
_________ of the Dead2004
The ____________ of Robin Hood1938
Jeepers ________2001
The Grave of the ___________1988

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