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QUIZ: Can you name the quotes from The Royle Family??

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Forced Order
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Quotes SaidWho Said Them
'Have You Had Your Tea?'
'Finger My Arse'
'I never drink me, just a sherry at Christmas, whiskey at new year, and a bottle of stout'
'I don't care whether they're gay, straight or Australian'
'I've never even drank ethanol'
'If that's the invisible man, tell him I can't see him'
'You don't have to bring sh*t into it, love'
'Your'e as tight as a crabs arse'
'I have to do everything around here'
'No, I never liked her even when we were best friends'
'On my way to the dance..... The REDUNdance!'
'Alright James'
'Don't worry about me, Barb, I'll eat any old sh*te!'
'He changes his clothes more than Noddy him'
Elsie was only eighty eight you know, she had her whole life ahead of her'
'It's a business trip; innit?'
'Baby David bought it me'
'I made a garage out of one of Denises' old shoeboxes'
'Oh, I don't know...'
Quotes SaidWho Said Them
'I do love to work'
'Roger and I thought we could all chip in for a terrace'
'Once, I made more in a day than i did in a year'
'Could you do us a borrow'
'I'm sick of chops'
'We're not gonna have chips every night'
'That's 3 pounds for London'
'Aurgghh, blimey'
'I'm talkng about you the living bloody dead!'
'Aye, a little baby'
'She don't half play a good tune on the old flute'
Oh, Michelle, I think I have one of your children in my class'
'I'm gonna go shake hands with the one eyed milkman!'
'I do loove the gays!, I do loove the gays!'
'Oh, I'm ashamed of this family I am really'
'When i came out of the toilet she was around him, like flies around sh*t'
'See you are a good mother'
'There's no Picalilly left in this jar'
'Me and Emma, we getting engaged'
'Rodger my arse!!'

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