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Can you name the Green Day songs where the title appears in the lyrics?

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I hold my breath and close my eyes and dream about her 'cause she's _____
Now I cannot speak, I've lost my voice, I'm speechless and _____
Hands flowing down my back, _____, I'll never leave
I can't see a thing in the video, I can't hear a sound on the radio, in stereo, in _____
_____ and I'm so happy, in loving memory of your demise
Like a hurricane in the heart of the devastation, she's a natural disaster, she's the _____
If I promise to go to _____ will you go with me on Friday night?
I remember the face but I can't recall the name, now I wonder how _____ has been
I was alone, I was _____ and no one was looking, I was thinking of you
I must admit that I enjoy myself, _____ please keep taking me away
But then I need your voice as the key to unlock all the love that's trapped in me, so tell me _____ to say I love you
He's not the All-American that you thought you paid. It's your _____ but isn't it a drag?
Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut or only say hello, sometimes I still feel I'm _____
The first time I caught a glimpse of you, then all my thoughts were _____
_____, princess by dawn, _____ in a leather thong
Sing us a _____ that's louder than bombs and eternity, the era of static and contraband, leading us into the promised land
I wanna sit here all my life alone. This may sound a little rough, _____
Standing on the corner of _____, ripping up my transfer and a photograph of you
You know I will obey, so please don't make me beg for _____ you give me
Take away the strains of being lonely, take me to the tracks at _____
_____, _____'s figured out, all her doubts were someone else's point of view
I have no belief, but I believe I'm a _____ and I ain't got no right
Give me a long kiss goodnight, and everything will be alright. Tell me, Jimmy, I won't feel a thing, so _____
Please leave your number and a message at the tone, or you can just go on and leave me alone, and _____
Honor's gonna knock you down before your chance to stand up and fight. Well I know I'm not the one, I got _____
No time to search the world around 'cause you know where I'll be found _____
They found him in a cadillac, bludgeoned with a basball bat in the name of _____
Well reality is due, what you say just can't be true, when the story's stretched and so far-fetched that you're lacking an excuse, _____
Am I in my room with my toys? I am the _____
It's comedy and tragedy, it's _____ and that's my name. And don't wear it out!

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